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  • Combo cleaner did it!

    My Mac was terribly infected by the chill tab virus. < ... >. No way to clean my mac manually. Combo cleaner did it, I only had to restart my mac twice. So, it's not cheap but it certainly does the job.

    - by Anette, Combo Cleaner for Mac

  • Combo Cleaner revealed over 20 infections

    My previous antivirus which I downloaded from the App Store stated that my computer is clean, however the full system scan with Combo Cleaner revealed over 20 infections (trojans, adware, etc.)

    - by Duncan M., Combo Cleaner for Mac

  • I can’t believe it...

    I’m a Physician an usually get a lot of Stress and Anxiety thats comes with me to my home after long hours of working and many troubles to solve. This program is fantastic, the music, the sounds, the tones, everything! Thank you for this awsome App.

    - by Jairo Avella, Brainwave Studio for Mac

  • Awesome!

    I've been experimenting with different apps, for sleep and stress relief, that employ hypnosis, binaural tones and isochronic tones. This one is the best, for sleep especially and it's the only one that I have found that uses isochronic tones (which are superior to monaural and binaural tones). The ability to tweak the music and sounds is a definite bonus.

    - by LouWhompus, Brainwave Studio for iOS

  • Awesome

    Works very well. This app inspired me to learn more about its technique of isochronic tone brainwave manipulation, It is real. I have been able to fall asleep much easier than I have in my life, I can gain motivation, it truly just happens if you believe in it, which the science is true. Great app!!

    - by Patrick Rooney, Brainwave Studio for iOS

  • Thank You!

    My Mac was infected with something called "Advanced Mac Cleaner" which I couldn’t remove myself. Combo Cleaner detected and eliminated it in less that 20 minutes. Thank You!

    - by Nina, Combo Cleaner for Mac

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