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Combo Cleaner for Mac

Combo Cleaner: Antivirus and System Optimizer

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Combo Cleaner is an antivirus and system optimizer created by a us. This application runs on Mac computers and works with all recent Mac operating systems, including Yosemite, El Capitan, and Sierra. This application takes a different approach as compared to traditional antivirus suites. As well as an antivirus function, Combo Cleaner includes a disk cleaner, big files finder, duplicate files finder, privacy scanner, and application uninstaller. This app can be used to clean computers of security threats and free up significant disk space cluttered by redundant files. Although Mac computers are thought to be more secure than Windows systems, a reliable antivirus solution is paramount.

Official website

Please visit Combo Cleaner Antivirus official website to get more info or request support.


  • Combo Cleaner is equipped with two virus scan engines. The first checks for Mac-based malware infections and the second scans for PC generic security threats.
  • Disk Cleaner allows easy removal of Application Caches, Downloads, Application Logs, and Trash.
  • Big files feature is designed to find big files on the hard disk drive.
  • Duplicate file scanner scans the hard disk drive and lists all identical files.
  • Privacy Scanner allows easy identification and removal of cookies, cache files, browsing history, and other data that (in the wrong hands) could compromise users’ privacy.
  • Uninstaller allows users to uninstall any downloaded applications.

How to use?

Simply download Combo Cleaner using download link below. After launching the app wait for the antivirus to download the latest virus definition databases and click “Start Combo Scan”. After a couple of moments your will be able to remove tons of useless files and eliminate all security threats that could be present on your Mac.


Your Mac is a masterpiece – keep it this way with Combo Cleaner.

DOWNLOAD Combo Cleaner

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